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StarMetrics Scores

All StarMetric scores are based on a scale of 10,000 to 1, with 10,000 being the most prominent/ highest rated in that category, and 1 being the least. Why do we use a scale of 1-10,000? Well, there are over 500,000 actors in our database -- so we needed a range to reflect the variances in that group better than a simple letter grade, or 1-10.

StarMetrics scores are designed to always track the most important factors that influence popularity. We will adjust them accordingly over time, and let you know here about any changes or additions to the scores.

Read below about the overall StarMetric score and our targeted subscores.


The StarMetric

Our main StarMetric score combines all of the factors that we track: future and upcoming projects, and the talent's role within that; financial success of past projects; critical acclaim and awards; social media engagement and followers; and name awareness.

This score gives you a way to compare talent who might have very different strengths: perhaps you're considering one person who is a social media star, and another who is a critical darling - how can you compare their impact in the same project? This score, by combining all factors, gives a universal benchmark.

Like all of our scores, it's based on a scale of 10,000-1, so there will always be one actor wtih a 10,000 StarMetric. Recently, that top StarMetric score has been held by none other than Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, driven by his huge social media following and continuing global hits like Jumanjii 2.


The MoneyMetric

The MoneyMetric is a measure of the actor’s ability to drive financial success for a project. So when you are working on the financing plan for your project, the MoneyMetric will guide you towards the most valuable options on your list.

The MoneyMetric analyzes only the actor’s financial track record across box office and home entertainment results. This score also considers the prominence of the actor’s roles in each project. For instance, playing a bystander in an Avengers movie isn’t very impactful to an actor's MoneyMetric score, but playing being the lead in Avengers is – and will result in a much higher MoneyMetric score.

The MoneyMetric box also shows if the actor has more financial impact in the US or the rest of the world.


The CriticalMetric

The CriticalMetric highlights actors who have had strong track records for awards and nominations, or appear more frequently in critically acclaimed content. Like all StarMetric scores, the CriticalMetric weighs these factors according to the actor's prominence in each project - so more points are awarded for leading roles than supporting roles.

The critical acclaim tiers also show where the actor falls in relation to all other actors (Tier One is the highest scores, Tier Four is the lowest).


The SocialMetric

The SocialMetric is a measure of the actor’s social media reach, influence and prominence in the digital sphere, including social media following and engagement. Actors with verified social media accounts will score higher in this category, as it reflects their ability to speak directly to fans and engage with them about projects. For actors without their own offical social media account, the scores will be lower, but the score does take into account the actor's general name awareness and prominence with a general audience, reflecting the name recognition value that actor will bring to fans and audiences in general press outside of verified social accounts.

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