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StarMetrics makes the power of big data available to content creators for film, TV and new media. StarMetrics gives you instant data-driven insights about trending talent and content.

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StarMetrics empowers you to discover the right creative talent - and maximize your ROI.

In today's crowded media landscape, there's more content than ever - and talent is a key predictor of success for content. So StarMetrics is bringing the power of big data to the forefront of the streaming revolution.

Use our tools to discover new talent, find out who's trending, compare options for a role - and more. Our tools make it easy to find the right talent - fast.

How Do the StarMetric Scores Work?

What factors go into creating a StarMetric score? The simple answer is - we focus on what drives successful content. StarMetrics uses the same key factors and methodology that studios, networks and major platforms have long used to guide their content and casting decisions. Then we go a step farther, by using data science to implement this methodology into algorithms that we can interpret and use to predict which talent is on the rise, and how that will intersect with a given genre or region.

And because different factors matter for different projects, we've created subscores to emphasize these areas - the MoneyMetric, TrendMetric, CriticalMetric, and SocialMetric.

If you've read this far, you like data as much as we do. Great, you're in the right place!

Use Case: StarMetrics for Producers, Directors and Casting Directors

Anyone who's worked on the development, casting, production or financing of a movie or series has run into that timeless question: Who has the most value, and will that talent work for this budget, genre and release plan?

Until now, there's never been a clear or quick way to get that answer.

Good news: StarMetrics has automated and improved this process. We gather the data, run the metrics, and give your team instant data-driven insights and answers. Plus, we give you project management tools to share projects and collaborate with teams.

Use Case: StarMetrics for Distributors and Advertisers

With so many platforms and so much content competing for consumer interest, there's more niche content and talent than ever. Content trends change constantly, and social media platforms and stars are in constant flux. That's why we built StarMetrics with a global and increasingly multi-segmented audience in mind.

For companies, StarMetrics offers tools to track, analyze and measure the value of specialty content and talent for their audiences.

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